Talk a Lot – Foundation Course

Let’s learn to speak English really well – with correct sounds, stress and connected speech. This course can help YOU!
Talk a Lot Foundation Course is a great opportunity to study the theory of pronunciation – how to speak English. We are going to learn how to get from written words on a page to spoken English – using sounds, stress, and connected speech. This highly practical and interactive course contains loads of useful information that students and teachers should know at the beginning of a regular Talk a Lot course – including an introduction to the theory of pronunciation, as practised during every Talk a Lot lesson.
Talk a Lot Foundation Course is suitable for students at the following levels:
Student’s Level: Common European Framework (CEFR): Cambridge Assessment:
Pre-Intermediate to B1 PET
Intermediate to B2 FCE
Advanced to C1 CAE
About the Author:
Matt Purland is a lecturer in English Language. He has a BA Honours degree in Drama from the University of Wales and a Postgraduate Certificate in Further Education from the University of Derby. This is his eleventh book.


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